Marc Esher

Software Engineering Manager
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Marc has been developing applications for the web for over 20 years, more recently with an emphasis on testing, automation, operations, and DevOps principles. He recently changed careers from software developer
to software development manager. Marc works for a U.S. Federal Agency whose mission is to protect, inform, and make financial markets work for American consumers.

Before his technology career, Marc taught high school English, specializing in composition and British literature. This background in writing and literature probably influenced his belief that success in a software team is 99% communication, 1% code.

In his past career as a ColdFusion developer, Marc co-founded the MXUnit unit testing framework, maintained the CFMongoDB library, contributed to CFEclipse, and frequently spoke at conferences such as Adobe MAX and cf.Objective().

He lives in York, PA with his wife, daughters, and small zoo of pets. He's an avid cyclist and loves to play the banjo, no matter how terrible he sounds.