Abram Adams

Abram Adams has been developing for the web and desktop since the turn of the century and has specialized in ColdFusion application development for most of that time. His career path has led him through many industries such as software, government, travel and agriculture where he has learned and utilized a variety of front-end and back-end web technologies.

He is currently the CTO for a world-wide bull semen marketing company (yeah, you read that right) where he spearheads the development of several in-house and internationally deployed applications such as a custom CRM system, Order Management system, automated catalog generators, and a ton more.

His community efforts include trycf.com, which focuses on teaching CFML to would-be web developers, as well as provides a sandbox for experimentation across all major CFML engines/versions. Other community projects can be found on his GitHub profile. His passion is to help to build the CF community and to help raise a new generation of CF-aware web developers.

He lives in a small town in the California Central Valley, where he and his wife of 20 years raise their 4 boys and 3 princesses. Camping, fishing, karate and pretty much whatever sport/activity his kids are involved in at the moment is how he spends his free time.