How To Write Super Fast CFML Code - Step By Step

Jul 20, 2017
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Holeman Room

Very often one has to do a task that needs to run extremely fast and there is no knowledge or space to do so in Java or other near native languages that run with Lucee.
In this session we will have a look at a specific CF script and tune it step by step. Each iteration will be explained in detail. The code will be running live during the talk and you can watch the progress we make during the talk.

How you make code fast

When you want to write fast code, you need to adapt a few techniques which will be demonstrated in this session:

  • rewrite the code in order not to be comfortable but efficient
  • denormalize the code (will be explained in the session)
  • use different approaches which depend on the data or types you are working on
  • avoid certain techniques

What you can take from this session are techniques one can use whenever high performant code has to be written. Some techniques proposed by Robert Martin in his book "clean code" will also be introduced.