Docker Swarm - Automation and Orchestration at Scale

Jul 21, 2017
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Holeman Room

Experience the ground breaking power and flexibility of Docker Swarm. With it's built in Orchestration, Automation and Mesh Routing take your dockerized CFML app from your laptop to production and run it at scale.

We'll cover how to dockerize your CFML application by using docker-compose to provide a production-like environment locally. Once we have the app running locally, we'll cover the best practice of taking your app to production. This includes application architecture considerations like handling multiple environments (local vs test vs production), persisting data, scaling and handling failure.

Next, we'll cover how to configure your worker and manager nodes using Docker for AWS. This will cover some of the fundamental features of AWS, like VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), ELB (Elastic Load Balancing), RDS (Relational Database System), S3 (Simple Storage Service), and Route53. It will also cover how to auto-scale worker nodes, and how to ensure that your cluster can recover from a lost manager.

Next we'll tie it all together by covering how to utilize the plumbing tools (Github / Bitbucket, Docker Hub, CI/CD) to come up with a seamless process. The end result will be a fully automated, continually integrated and delivered CFML application that automatically takes code from your laptop to an auto-scaling, redundant Docker Swarm cluster.