Debugging Applications - Write Your Own Debugging Template

Jul 20, 2017
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Conference Rooms

Very often people just stick with the debugging templates that come with either Lucee or ACF. They are nice and helpful, but if one wants way more information, he needs to unlock the potential and extend the existing ones or even write his own new debugging template.

In this session we will have a closer look at the debugging templates Lucee and Adobe ColdFusion have aboard. Especially in Lucee, there is a lot of hidden information buried in the depths of the data. You can extract this data and write your own fancy debugging template.

In Lucee this is a simple CFC that contains a few methods which display the data. As a takeaway from the session you will receive a shiny new debugging template for Lucee which you can extend as you see fit.