Creating A Voice Interface To Your Back Office With ColdFusion and Amazon Alexa

Jul 21, 2017
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
NPC Ballroom

The Alexa Skills Kit enables you to teach Alexa how to respond when a user asks it a question. There are three API types for performing the following actions:

  • Use the Custom Skill API for looking up answers to specific questions, e.g. "Alexa, tell me how many new customers we onboarded today?"
  • Use the Smart Home Skill API to control devices, e.g. "Alexa, turn on the lights in the master bedroom"
  • Use the Flash Briefing Skill API to deliver specific information as part of the customer's customized news briefing.

All skills require that you build a cloud-based service that handles the requests for your skill type. The Alexa service routes incoming requests to the appropriate service.

During this seminar you'll learn Amazon Skills Kit and ColdFusion essentials to expose information to the Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, and other Alexa-enabled devices.